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How To Cook A Baked Potato On a Gas Grill?

    How To Cook A Baked Potato On a Gas Grill?

    Most people instinctively associate baked potatoes with the oven. My imagination transports me to my backyard. In addition to freeing up oven space and keeping your kitchen cool on sweltering days, the grill is an ideal setting for introducing sweet-smoke flavors.

    When I consider a baked potato, the fluffy interior and the savory, crisp exterior come to mind. They are both enhanced by the grill. Additionally, any opportunity to be outdoors beside a grill benefits the body and spirit. In this article, we will guide you how to cook a baked potato on a gas grill.

    Ingredients For Recipe

    • 4 Russet potatoes, 8 to 10 ounces each
    • Extra virgin olive oil
    • One teaspoon of kosher salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    • Hickory wood chunks for the charcoal grill or wood chips for a gas grill


    • Preparation Time- 5 minutes
    • Cooking Time- 0 minutes
    • Grill Time 60 mins
    • Total Time- 65 mins

    Russet Potatoes Are The Best

    Although I’ve never encountered a potato I didn’t like, the Russet’s durability makes it an excellent candidate for grilling. I favor a potato weighing between 8 and 10 ounces. You can make them more prominent, but you must cook them longer. Depending on the variety of grills, you may require additional fuel.

    How to Set Up the Grill

    To transform the barbeque into an oven, employ indirect heat. In other words, You should not place the potatoes directly over the flames of the burners or embers. The potatoes are cooked through convection and radiation rather than the direct searing action of a heated grate.

    It requires situating the potatoes over unlit burners on a gas grill while the other side’s burners should be hot. 

    On a grill made from charcoal, the lit coals are moved to one side, and potatoes are placed on the grates opposite the side with lighted coals. 

    How To Grill Potatoes 

    I may be on shaky ground here, but I grill my potatoes enclosed in aluminum foil. Before you slam your laptop, I will explain and shake your fury at me—the potato grills, enveloped in foil, then cooked for a little longer after being unwrapped.

    I wrap them not to reduce the cooking time, which is negligible, but to help the spices adhere to the epidermis. If you broil the potatoes unwrapped from the start, they will fall off. 

    When the potatoes are placed on the grill a second time, unwrapped, I add hickory wood pieces to the fire. The potatoes become slightly crispier while acquiring a fragrant, woodsy aroma. When done, the potato’s interior is fork-tender and ready for butter, and the skin’s salted, crisp texture is highly addictive.


    Prepare A Grill: 

    On a gas barbeque, one side’s burners should be high, and You should turn the other off. 

    On a charcoal grill, sweep the lit embers to one side while leaving the other unlit. 

    Grill will produce indirect heat from the lit embers or above the turned-off burners. It is where the potatoes will be cooked. The grill temperature should be 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Prepare The potatoes: 

    Four 10- to 12-inch-long sections of aluminum foil should be turn off. 

    Perforate each potato with a utensil to allow steam to escape while cooking. Place a potato in the middle of a sheet of aluminum foil, drizzle with olive oil, and season with 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper and 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

    Completely wrap it in aluminum foil. Similarly, prepare the remaining potatoes.

    Grill The Potatoes: 

    Place the potatoes in their wrappings over indirect heat, such as unlit burners or away from ignited coals. After 45 minutes of grilling with the hood, they were closed. 

    Smoke The Potatoes: 

    Remove the potatoes from the foil container and place them on a serving platter. 

    If you wish to smoke the potatoes to intensify their flavor: Add three to four pieces of hickory wood chunks to the lit embers on a charcoal grill. Over the lit burners of a gas grill, place a smoker box or perforated foil pouch containing the wood pellets.

    Whether or not you add smoke, reposition the unwrapped potatoes over indirect heat on the grill. Cover and simmer for approximately 15 minutes. The potatoes are ripe when their skin begins to wrinkle and tender to the touch.

    How To Serve Grill Baked Potatoes 

    A baked potato with butter is a delicious side dish, but an enormous potato with the proper toppings can be a complete entrée.

    You topped it with chili, cheddar, and sour cream for a fork-and-knife meal. The appetizer becomes a main course with the addition of fried onion rings, bacon pieces, and pickled jalapenos. 

    Uncertain of your dinner visitors’ preferences? Prepare a bar of grilled, roasted potatoes. Each potato is a blank canvas for an assortment of garnishes. You supply the potato while your visitors bring the imagination. 

    Regardless of your inclination, cook your next baked potato outdoors on the grill. You will not be let down.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you find it helpful.

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