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How to Make Rolled Ice Cream Without A Machine At Home?

    How to Make Rolled Ice Cream Without A Machine At Home?

    If you enjoy delicious frozen delicacies, you’ve probably heard of the fashionable dessert known as rolled ice cream. 

    With its unusual design and adjustable tastes, this Thai-inspired delicacy has grabbed many’s hearts and taste buds. 

    What’s the best part? This delectable dessert does not require a costly machine to enjoy. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of making your own rolled ice cream at home without any additional equipment.

    Why Will You Enjoy Rolled Ice Cream

    • The way it looks and tastes is appealing to children.
    • There is no need for specialized equipment.
    • Using the same technique and base ingredients, you may create any flavor.
    • The preparation is quick and simple.
    • A fun and tasty summertime sweet treat.

    What You’ll Need


    Heavy whipping cream – This adds a rich, creamy flavor, but it also thins out the sweetened condensed milk and helps the ice cream to freeze sufficiently to form into rolls.

    Sweetened condensed milk – This adds sweetness while also preventing the ice cream from freezing solid – it gives it pliability if you will. Decrease the amount of sweetened condensed milk if your ice cream does not freeze hard enough to roll and instead flips and melts as you try to roll it.

    Vanilla Extract- Pure vanilla extract is wonderful for flavor; you can add different extracts or essential oils to modify the ice cream flavor. 

    Sea salt- A little salt helps amplify the ice cream flavors but can be eliminated.

    Fresh Strawberries- We blended fresh strawberries for this recipe, but you can also use frozen berries or freeze-dried strawberries.


    Mint Chocolate Chip – Add up to 1 teaspoon mint essence. Sprinkle the micro chocolate chips on top of the ice cream after it’s on the baking sheet and gently fold them in.

    Cookies and Cream: Add a few crumbled oreo cookies to the food processor or stir them in after the ice cream is spread onto the baking sheet. Some people like to add a drizzle of caramel or chocolate syrup for extra taste.

    Cookie dough: Fold in the chunks before freezing.

    Candies: Chop candy, such as Snickers, Reeses, or Almond Joys, and sprinkle over the ice cream before freezing.

    Toppings: When ready to serve, top with whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, almonds, or other crushed candies.

    Making Rolled Ice Cream At Home

    Before You Begin: Before beginning to create the ice cream, place a rimmed sheet pan in the freezer for at least 15 minutes to level it.

    Step 1: In a food processor, pulse the strawberries until smooth.

    Step 2: Combine the heavy cream, condensed milk, vanilla extracts, and salt in a mixing bowl. Add strawberry pieces to the mixture or place the cream mixture in a food processor with the cut strawberries and blend until smooth. Process everything together for a more homogeneous strawberry ice cream.

    Step 3: Pour the ice cream mixture into the previously frozen pan. Spread the layer with a spatula until it is very thin. Freeze for at least two hours, or until fully solid. The combination could be ready in 20-30 minutes if your freezer is cold enough!

    Step 4: Lift the ice cream at the edge of the pan using a wide metal spatula (mine is approximately 4′′ wide) and glide across to make the rolls.

    Step 5: To serve, place the rolls in an ice cream bowl or cup. Lift and put the rolls into the cups with tongs, chopsticks, or a spatula.

    Step 6: Finish with any toppings you desire.

    How To Make Perfect Rolled Ice Cream

    • Keep your freezing surface as cold as possible to speed up the freezing process.
    • To avoid melting, work swiftly during the rolling process.
    • Adjust the thickness of the ice cream foundation to create different textures.
    • Don’t be scared to experiment with unusual flavor combinations.

    Experimenting With Distinctive Flavors

    Rolled ice cream is a blank canvas for your culinary imagination. Why not experiment with unusual flavors like lavender honey, chai-spiced, or balsamic strawberry? Allow your taste buds to lead you in the creation of unexpected yet delectable combinations.

    The Pleasures Of Homemade Rolled Ice Cream

    Making rolled ice cream at home is not only a fun and delicious pastime but also a great way to enjoy a unique frozen delicacy without the need for any specific equipment.

    Whether you’re pampering yourself or impressing visitors at a party, this do-it-yourself strategy will leave everyone wanting more.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you find it helpful.

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