The rebuilding of the Bakehouse

When we moved into the McBurney Manor… what was there was rubble.  The Bakehouse was originally built as a multi purpose facility which included first at the opposite end of the kitchen  a four seater outhouse used until 1966, complete with its own venting chimney. Next to the outhouse was the smoke house, the hooks for hanging meats are still in place and adjacent to the smokehouse was the kitchen housing a brick oven which has 5ft drying drawers placed above it for dehydration of herb,fruits,and vegetables. Over the years the mortar was out living the bricks that were disinagrating,the oven had baked its last pie and was cracked and fragile The kitchen had been filled in with concrete to extend the sidewalk and vines had taken over the outside walls.

Thus began this avenue of our labor of love in February 2011 to restoring  and bringing  back to life this unique one of a kind constituent of our property.

Walls had to be torn down, bricks were cleaned by hammer and chisel to be chosen again for newly mortared walls and masons were hired to accomplish the job and to build a new squirrel tail bake oven. It’s been a 5 year project that has more to be added to,but it is useable and now a great facilitator for good times!